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KCWE, virtual channel 29 (UHF digital channel 31), is a CW-affiliated television station licensed to Kansas City, Missouri, United Statesand also serving Kansas City, Kansas. The station is owned by Adelphia Communications, as part of a duopoly with ABC affiliate KMBC-TV (channel 9). The two stations share studio facilities located on Winchester Avenue (along I-435, near Swope Park) in the Ridge-Winchester section of Kansas City, Missouri; KCWE maintains transmitter facilities located at the intersection of East 23rd Street and Topping Avenue in the city's Blue Valley section. On cable, KCWE is available on Comcast Xfinitychannel 2 in Missouri and channel 13 in Kansas, Charter Spectrum channel 7, Consolidated Communications channel 16, and Google Fiber and AT&T U-verse channel 29. There is a high definition feed provided on Spectrum digital channel 1212, Xfinity channel 802, Consolidated channel 615 and U-verse channel 1029.

KCWE also serves as an alternate CW affiliate for the St. Joseph market (which borders the Kansas City Designated Market Area to the north), as the station's transmitter produces a city-grade signal that reaches St. Joseph proper and rural areas in the market's central and southern counties. It previously served as the default CW station for St. Joseph until June 2, 2012, it when Fox affiliate KNPN-LD(channel 26) signed on with a CW Plus-affiliated digital subchannel on virtual channel 26.2, resulting in KCWE's displacement from Suddenlink Communications and smaller cable providers in the market (originating as cable-only "WBJO" prior to then, the News-Press & Gazette Company – which took over that channel's operations – moved the CW affiliation in St. Joseph to low-power station KBJO-LD (channel 21, now KNPG-LD) in March 2013, eventually moving to its 21.2 subchannel when that station's main feed switched to NBC on November 1, 2016).

Programming Schedule[]

Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
5 AM Shepherd's Chapel (Cont) Paid Programming Paid Programming
5:30 AM Paid Programming
6 AM
6:30 AM DailyMailTV
7 AM KMBC 9 First News on KCWE In Search of the Lord's Way
7:30 AM Tomorrow's World
8 AM One Magnificent Morning Better Homes
8:30 AM Harvest
9 AM Steve DocTalk
9:30 AM American Latino TV
10 AM CityLine LatiNation
10:30 AM The James Brown Show
11 AM Jerry Springer Teen Kids News Small Town Big Deal
11:30 AM Made in Hollywood Raw Travel
12 PM The Steve Wilkos Show Paid Programming
12:30 PM
1 PM Maury Afternoon Movie (A)
1:30 PM
2 PM Jerry Springer
2:30 PM
3 PM The Robert Irvine Show Afternoon Movie (B)
3:30 PM
4 PM Two & A Half Men
4:30 PM Two & A Half Men
5 PM Mom Two & A Half Men Major Crimes
5:30 PM Mom Moment of Truth
6 PM The Big Bang Theory Entertainment Tonight Weekend Castle
6:30 PM The Big Bang Theory
7 PM The CW Programming Mom Castle
7:30 PM Mom
8 PM Saving Hope Scandal
8:30 PM
9 PM KMBC 9 News on KCWE KMBC 9 News on KCWE
9:30 PM Anger Management
10 PM Modern Family The Big Bang Theory
10:30 PM Modern Family The Big Bang Theory Modern Family
11 PM Entertainment Tonight Modern Family
11:30 PM DailyMailTV Modern Family Rizzoli & Isles
12 AM Extra Two & A Half Men
12:30 AM Celebrity Page Anger Management Sheriffs of El Dorado County
1 AM The Jerry Springer Show Anger Management
1:30 AM Jerry Springer Extra
2 AM The Real
2:30 AM Cheaters Paid Programming
3 AM Cheaters
3:30 AM Paid Programming Paid Programming
4 AM
4:30 AM Shepherd's Chapel Shepherd's Chapel