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Introduction to The Alternate TV Wiki

Welcome to the Alternative TV Wiki, where you can own the Real-life Television stations using fictional companies.

Ground Rules

  1. Everyone can own 1 big 4 station per DMA with duopolies allowed with CW and MNTV stations along with Independents. Duopolies with Fox stations are allowed in smaller markets.
  2. Network CEO's remain the same.
  3. All Networks start with their original O&O's for now.
  4. No revoking affiliations.
  5. You are allowed to change graphics, logos, news theme, etc.
  6. Everyone can own one company to be fair except for the Network CEO's, which run the networks along with one company.
  7. Users must use a fictional company. This way, we truly own the stations.
  8. No fictional networks since we are owning only RL TV stations
  9. Each user is allowed to create one fictional subchannel network for their stations. The limit of subchannels for a station is 8. Any company can add the subchannels to their stations with permission.

Network CEOs

  • Disney/ABC: Cbcarter34
  • CBS: Kruejac
  • NBCUniversal: MB
  • Fox: Andy39

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